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Moody Blues

Go now (1964)

Magnificant Moodies (1966)  Future passedThe days of future passed (1967)

1. The Day Begins   
Dawn Is A Feeling 
Another Morning    
Lunch Break  
Tuesday Afternoon   *  
Evening: The Sunset   
Nights in white satin *

In search of the lost chord (1968)
On the threshold of a dream (1969)
To our children´s children´s children (1969)
MB Balance

A Question of Balance (1970)
  Letras en español

1. Question
2. How It Is We Are Here
3. And The Tide Rushes In
4. Don’t You Feel Small
5. Tortoise & The Hare
6. It’s Up To You
7. Minstrel’s Song
8. Dawning Is The Day
9. Melancholy Man
10. The Balance
11. Mike’s Number One
12. Question
13. Minstrel’s Song
14. It’s Up To You
15. Don’t You Feel Small
16. Dawning Is The Day

Every good boy diserves favor (1971)
Seventh sojourn (1972)

Long distance Voyager (1981)
The present (1983)
Keyes to the kingdom (1991)
Time traveller (1994)
Strange times (1999)
Say it with love (2003)
December (2003)

Never comes the day 
I´m just a singer  
The other side of life 
Your wildest dream  
I know your out there somewhere  
Legand of a mind  
Interview Norda Mullen  
Are you sitting comfortably    
Ride my seesaw  
The story in you eyes   
The voice



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